This is my blog that is a safe spot to share about autism advice and struggles to be in support of those who have autism or know someone who does.

Bullying and bad criticism will not be tolerated

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Emily and I am a college student with high functioning autism who isn’t as shy to share my experiences. Once in a while I can be prone to be sensitive to lights, big sounds, and large social settings. I have managed, not just on my own but in the support of others; such as my parents, ABA therapy, and other walks of life.

I didn’t know what autism was until I was in my preteen age after I asked my mother why I had to be in special education away from the normal kids and why I couldn’t speak so easily. She explained that based on my doctors diagnosis and what my teachers had observed that there is name to my struggle, and that was autism. It didn’t mean that I’m incapable of being different, it just meant that I have my own path to be capably different.

I had to take speech therapy to improve fluently at my own pace along with CBT (Cognitive Behavioral therapy) on my sensory reactions. These things taught me to have a routine to live my day to day life without to much of a physical reaction against my own brain function. With these routines of waking up, going to school/work, daily care and nighttime routines that fit best for those I need, these articles I’ll provide can help you or someone you love with autism.

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