Getting to Work

Deciding on what your adult or teen can do to make their own money can be a bit of challenge, especially if deciding what kind of job for him/her can be overwhelming. There are these anxieties of questions in your head like, “Will my child rely on my income for the rest of my life?” or “What If something happens if I’m not here to supervise their needs at their future job?”.

Don’t worry to much about that, for there are ways to help them get started and have them get help on how to start their financial in-dependance…


Start by looking online for jobs with your child, such as is how I found my job), or and even for entry level starters, in nearby places). These will help start exploring options for them in places like shelve stocking in retail, back kitchen food service, at home childcare/pet care, creative writing/art, online marketing and janitorial cleaning services. Not only will these just make money, but will be an open door for future career options if they want to advance in a field they’re interested in. If they stay hardworking and loyal at the workplace, they can advance up in raises, promotions, medical care, and paid vacations.


During or after high school, sit down with a school counselor or a special needs job counselor to give steps and advice on how to apply and start volunteering. Then they can later help practice interview skills, style for an interview outfit and build a resume.


RETAIL: Check your local thrift store or goodwill to teach them skills in shelving stocks and organizing products from boxes or dressing rooms.Or even count money at a cash register and asking customers questions if they feel up for the challenge. This option is good for those who may have OCD or just enjoy organizing without to much of a need to socialize with big crowds, however, it can get noisy with crying kids or angry customers, so if they are very sensitive to noise, have them wear headphones if necessary. I used to work in TJ MAXX and they are very understanding in autistic employees needs and special training.

FOOD SERVICE: There are homeless shelters and food banks around any corner in town. Homeless shelters can teach others how to work around a kitchen, cook, clean, and serve others to those in need. If your child doesn’t enjoy cooking or can’t cook due to sensitivities, the Food Bank is good to help them learn grocery store shelve stocking and bagging food to families in need.

CREATIVITY/KNOWLEDGE: Does you child have talent and enjoy being creative to calm their anxiety, then they can volunteer to help teach art and creative writing to young kids in a YMCA or church, they might be noisy, but can be easy to train when they are occupied. Or after school tutoring in math and science in high schools and colleges. If teaching isn’t great for them, then they can start doing freelance writing on their own blog(like me), sell their art or crafts on Etsy/Amazon, or make their own youtube videos and get a sponser. Their are also open markets to get people aware of their products. Me and my ABA group are hosting a arts and crafts tent to get others to work together and train them to sell.

CHILDCARE OR PET CARE: For childcare they can volunteer to babysit at a childcare center or a church nursery, other adults who are experienced can teach them to change a diaper, calm a crying child to deal with conflicts, feeding, and safe playtime. If they get social anxiety towards children, then pets are always the calmest option. Dogs/cats only need to be fed, walked, bathed, and just cuddle. Pets can make anyone smile and make them feel safe! Humane Societies have a training program to teach others to walk dogs, bathe them, feed them, and groom cats. and are also freelance apps to have people make money walking dogs.

CLEANING SERVICES: Cleaning services can be easy or hard for some, but make a very good wage, many people and communities need their homes or offices cleaned. They can volunteer to do after school mopping/cleaning with a janitor or help neighbors mow their lawn, vacuum, and clean rooms/kitchens or free or for a small price. If you have the time as a parent, get them to do chores around the house with them before trying. Snagajob and Indeed have many job openings for cleaning. My workplace at a restaurant pays around $20 plus an hour just to mops the floors, and many more restaurants do to.

I wish you all good luck on your job search for your child and please have patience if learning for them takes longer then expected. Each person has their own ways to learn by visual learning, auditory learning, written word learning, and kinesthetic learning.

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