My Finish in ABA Therapy

This is it, this is my official last day in ABA therapy and a road towards self reflection and independence! It feels good to have accomplished all the challenges I’ve been through with an experience BCBA and many RBTs to guide me through. Although I feel prepared for anything that comes my way, there will be days I feel alone or without support, but I know I have family and friends to back me up. If you or your child are being released from therapy due to good results of treatment, I’d like to send my congratulations to you as well! However, just know that like me and others you are not on your own.

For many parents or teens/young adults it can be nerve wracking to feel that you or your child has to use therapy techniques on their own and have to be released of ABA/therapy support. But it shouldn’t be so bad accepting freedom, but it does come with responsibility. If you or your child feels like they need help then of course there are other therapists to help by just talking about your challenges or there is cognitive behavior therapy to help with guided thinking and problem solving. There are also online support groups for autism on Facebook. That way, you have ordinary parents and others that can give advice and to just talk and ask questions.

But if you or your child are looking to start ABA therapy, then you can ask your doctor for ABA clinics or other forms of therapy to help. Your doctor can give your a brochure or phone number to call them. ABA therapy will first ask you questions about your child and yourself to get to know you both better and then decide the best treatment plan designed for your child. They select the best RBT therapist (Registered Behavior Technician) that matches your child’s personality. Not many ABA clinics can offer help for young adults but it doesn’t hurt to ask. If they do help young adults with autism, they can help relearn social skills and daily life care lessons along with guiding them to find a job and their own place, along with other goals.

Now this week I’ll be training still to be an RBT in Hawaii to help other kids with autism, and help them reassure that I can help from my experience whether they want help or not. But it’ll be all worthwhile!

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