Making a weekend social

Most of the time after a long weekend from either school or work it feels so nice for us and others with autism to just stay indoors with our internet and video games. But that just isn’t considered healthy, especially if others with autism have a longing to meet others in person, without too much of feeling anxious.

Here are some starters to get out there

Join a club: choose an interest that makes you feel comfortable sharing to others and can get a conversation going. Ask follow up questions on their recent events, projects, or why they also like your same hobby. Interests can be such as books, movies, video games, board games or even outdoor activities such as sports, hiking, enjoying the beach, and much more.

Where to find a club meetup: I highly recommend the meetup app, it shows a variety of club meetups that you can look for without feeling to anxious to ask out of the blue outside of technology. Most say technology can take over ones social life, but I think it can open doors to meet others who also feel shy to talk face to face at first. Where other apps are just open book on how to start conversations, the meetup app is like a guiding point to bring others with interests and get others to start better conversations.

My point is that, technology shouldn’t have to be a closed world for yourself or others with autism (such as movies and video games). It can be an open world to meet others who also value the same interests and get to make friends and learn new things from them.

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